The world premiere of Laura PoitrasEdward Snowden documentary CitizenFour is tonight as part of the lineup at the New York Film Festival. The film, from Radius-TWC in association with Participant Media and HBO Documentary Films, opens in theaters on October 24 but here’s the first look that dropped today.

Poitras was working on a docu about the abuses of national security post-9/11 when she began receiving emails from “citizenfour”, and she brought her camera with her to Hong Kong with a reporter, Glenn Greenwald, who had been receiving similar communications, to meet who turned out to be Edward Joseph Snowden (“I go by Ed”). Snowden, a U.S. national security operative, ended up revealing massive covert surveillance programs run by the NSA and other intelligence agencies, and the act made him either a hero or a traitor depending on who you ask. Check out the trailer.