Brad Pitt, out promoting The Fury, is the latest celeb to suffer interviewer Zach Galifianakis in his Funny Or Die interview series Two Ferns.

farleyThis series seems to have been borne out of that wonderful skit done by the late Chris Farley, where he interviewed the likes of Martin Scorsese and Paul McCartney on Saturday Night Live. That skit worked because he was such a self deprecating lovable bumbler–strangely, he channeled the worst suspicions of every person who interviews celebrities, that our questions suck–and it was often hilarious.

cageGalifianakis goes at his guests differently, with a tone that is boorish, arrogant ignorance, punishment inflicted until a guest like Sean Penn has had enough and something terrible happens. I found Andy Samberg as Nicolas Cage Weekend Update interview segment Get In The Cage hilarious, but there was a different lack of self awareness at work. There’s a funny moment here when Pitt has enough in this staged skit, but I find it a bit excruciating getting there. So is this funny, brilliant, or excruciating?