Focus Features just dropped the trailer for Kevin Macdonald’s submarine thriller Black Sea starring Jude Law as a captain who assembles a misfit crew for a treasure hunt.  Up for grabs at the bottom of the ocean: An old Nazi U-boat with $182 million  — a figure which sounds like it could also be the global box office target for the film based on the historical results of the submarine subgenre (read The Hunt for Red October, $200.5M global B.O; Crimson Tide, $157.4M worldwide and U-571, $127.7M worldwide).  The fact is, any kind of drama on a submarine is always a crowdpleaser and Black Sea looks like it has it all: A crew of British and Russian sailors (who are apt to be at odds politically), an expert diver for the mission who is a liability, and some form of a mutiny. You can always attribute the thrills and chills that go down on a submarine to that lack of air pressure, which will make anyone go bonkers. Topping off Black Sea is the gravitas of Law’s Scottish accent. On Jan. 23, Black Sea will face off against the Jennifer Lopez Universal thriller The Boy Next Door and the Johnny Depp Lionsgate action comedy Mortdecai.