UPDATE, 1:55 PM: “She’s crushing you!” Jon Stewart teased Bill O’Reilly last night on The Daily Show — four times — in re the ratings for Bill’s Fox News Channel lead-out show hosted by Megyn Kelly.

“You’re misleading your audience!” O’Reilly shouted back.

Who’s right?

O’Reilly. Mostly.

Calendar year to date, The O’Reilly Factor is averaging 2.680 million total viewers — 432,000 in the news demo. The Kelly File, meanwhile, is averaging 2.181 million viewers — 368,000 in the news demo. That said, The Kelly File has beat The O’Reilly Factor 35 times in the news demo since her program launch a year ago.  In total viewers, she’s beat him six times. That includes beating O’Reilly during four full weeks in the news demo, and during one full week in total viewers.

Meanwhile, last night’s The Daily Show, featuring Bill, bagged 1.537 million viewers – up a notch from its third-quarter average of 1.410 million. The biggest boost came with Jon’s target 18-34 demo – The Daily Show skipped 36% last night compared to 3Q average: 543,000 viewers, from 398,000.

O’Reilly recently boasted to FNC’s Howard Kurtz that shows on competing networks like to have him on as a guest because he brings viewers. The night before O’Reilly’s appearance, Stewart had closed his show with an invitation to viewers to come hate-watch O’Reilly.

PREVIOUS, 6 AM: Nothing like watching two older white guys with TV series shout at each other at to whether white privilege still exists in America. That’s what happened when Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor star Bill O’Reilly stopped by Comedy Central star Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show last night. Though O’Reilly purportedly came to talk about the latest book in his “killing” series – Killing Patton – Stewart said he hadn’t even read the book, and changed the subject. “I want you to admit that there is such a thing as white privilege,” he said — because O’Reilly has previously stated that white privilege is a myth.

Several headache-inducing minutes of screeching and chest-thumping later, Stewart played The Megyn Kelly card. He waited until O’Reilly gave a plug, as he inevitably does, for his FNC show, calling it “the highest-rated cable news show in the world.” (O’Reilly recently told FNC’s Howard Kurtz that other TV programs like to have him on because he boosts their ratings.)

“Somebody hasn’t seen Megyn Kelly yet,” Stewart snarked. “She’s crushing you, dude! She’s crushing you! She’s crushing you!”

“You’re misleading your audience!” O’Reilly roared back.

“She’s crushing you!” Stewart said, making it four in all.

“You’re misleading!” O’Reilly repeated.

Later, an audience member heckled O’Reilly as he claimed he and Stewart were there because they worked hard — not because they’re white. “Oh, you think I”m sitting here cause I’m white?  What are you — a moron?” O’Reilly asked the guy in the audience, rhetorically. “I’m sitting here because I’m obnoxious — not because I’m white!”

Eventually they ran out of gas, and time, and Stewart declared himself the victor, telling O’Reilly, “You can lead the flock of The Fox Fearful to a better place.”