Better Call Saulthe Breaking Bad prequel, debuted an entertaining music video tonight, featuring the great country singer and guitarist Junior Brown. The video surfaced in the middle of AMC’s binge-worthy marathon of the Emmy-winning meth maker’s chronicle, replete with fantastically amusing lyrics from the show’s creators alongside the deep-voiced Brown wielding his “guit-steel” hybrid instrument.

The sharp-eyed will also notice a few scenes from the much-awaited show featuring Bob Odenkirk, which debuts on AMC in February. The song itself is quite entertaining, especially those lyrics written by show creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, alongside music by Dave Porter, who did Breaking Bad’s music.

They’ve covered most of the ways one might want to need to call Saul, a scuffling lawyer in Albuquerque who can handle, shall we say, a broad array of criminal and civil legal issues. Definitely a hoot, and something to tide Breaking Bad fans over for at least awhile until the new show debuts. And if this whole TV thing doesn’t work out, Gilligan and Gould definitely should head to Broadway. Or at least Off Broadway.