Zachary Quinto (Heroes, Star Trek, American Horror Story) and Brian Cox (Nuremberg) have been cast opposite Peter Sarsgaard and Mary-Louise Parker in NBC’s upcoming miniseries The Slap. Based on the 2011 Australian short-run series, The Slap is described as a complex family drama that explodes from one small incident where a man slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. The seemingly minor domestic dispute pulls the family apart, begins to expose long-held secrets, and ignites a lawsuit that challenges the core American values of all who are pulled into it. Quinto will play Harry. Married and with a 15-year-old son, he is a mechanic/dealer specializing in expensive European automobiles who lives with his family in a Brooklyn loft. Always trying to pick a fight, he messes with the wrong guy when he slaps another couple’s horribly misbehaving child. Cox will play Manolis, the bearded patriarch of the family. Quinto won an Indie Spirit Award for Margin Call and received an Emmy nom for American Horror Story. Cox is an Emmy winner and Golden Globe nominee for Nuremberg as well as an Emmy nominee for Frasier.