2ND UPDATE: Miss America went up two tenths in the finals to a 1.7 in 18-49.

UPDATE, 8:59 AM: The Chicago Bears may have beaten the San Francisco 49ers last night, but for Sunday Night Football (7.6/21) it was NBC that was tackled for a loss in preliminary numbers. Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season on SNF was down 15% from the 9.0/26 that September 7’s season premiere pulled among adults 18-49. About 23.69 million viewers watched last week’s SNF as opposed to the 19.43 million who watched last night. Fast nationals to fast nationals, last week’s SNF had an 8.0/22, up 5% from last night’s game. As always with live sports, expect a larger-than-usual adjustment later. As it is, NBC won the night with a 6.3/18 rating and 16.49 million viewers.

ABC last night aired the Miss America competition (1.5/4). The live two-hour pageant ultimately MISS NEW YORK KIRA KAZANTSEVsaw Miss New York Kira Kazantsev crowned the winner — with a version of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” that was just as much a homage to 2012’s Pitch Perfect as it was to last year’s Despicable Me 2, where the tune was featuredOverall, the competition was down 25% from the 2.0/5 that last year’s Miss America drew. Last night’s result is a broadcast low for the pageant. Viewership-wise, this year’s Miss America show had an audience of 7.6 million as opposed to the 8.59 million who watched last year. ABC’s pre-pageant Countdown To Miss America (0.6/2) was down 33% from the 0.9/2 of last year’s pre-pageant show.

Beside a bit of NFL overrrun, there was no primetime football or beauty pageant on Fox last night, but there was the Season 11 two-parter premiere of American Dad. The 9 PM (1.3/4) and 9:30 PM (1.3/3) episodes of the Seth MacFarlane co-created animated series were down 38% from the half hour Season 10 debut on September 29 last year at 9:30 PM. That AD got a 2.1/5 rating in the key demo as well as 4.32 million viewers. Last night’s episode had 2.62 million and 2.63 million viewers respectively

CBS had a big night of 60 Minutes (2.8/8), Big Brother (2.2/6) and the two-hour Season 3 finale of Unforgettable (1.1/3) on the schedule, but football overruns on the East Coast scrambled that. The news show was pushed until 7:50 PM, the reality show was pushed until 8:50 PM ET and the Poppy Montgomery-starring procedural was moved to 9:50 PM ET so preliminary numbers on those shows are essentially meaningless until final numbers come in.

PREVIOUS, 6:30 AM: It was a long hot day here in California on Sunday, perfect for football shut-ins. Playing at home, the San Francisco 49ers helped kick off Week 2 of the 2014 NFL season by taking on the Chicago Bears on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Of course the Bears’ 28-20 victory probably wasn’t what the 49ers wanted their fans to see on the scoreboard.

However for NBC and the NFL, everything was just fine. With a 14.0/23 in metered market result, the game was basically steady with last week’s official 204 season SNF kickoff. It was down 7% from the 15.1/25 result in the Denver Broncos’ win over the Indianapolis Colts last week. Year-to-year, the MM score was actually a small win,  with yesterday’s SNF up 3% in MM results from the 2013 season Week 2 battle when Seattle Seahawks walloped the 49ers. That one-sided 29-3 game on September 15 game drew a 13.6/24.

In terms of time-zone-adjusted nationals, that Seahawks-49ers game pulled in an 8.4/24 rating in adults 18-49 and 20.54 million viewers between 8:30-11:13 PM. Last week’s SNF 2014 debut drew a 9.0/26 in its final numbers between 8:30-11 PM and easily won the night for NBC. That game was was down 10% from last year’s SNF opener on September 8, 2013.

We’ll update with more NFL and SNF numbers later as well as ratings for the Miss America pageant and other non-NFL programming. In the meantime, here are the top 5 markets for the Bears-49ers game: Chicago (31.8/49), Sacramento (28.6/47), San Francisco (27.0/51), Las Vegas (20.9/33), and San Diego 19.9/35. (That San Francisco rating is the best local MM result since November 17, 2003, when a  49ers-Pittsburgh Steelers game drew a 27.2/42.)