Floris, meet Galavant. In a nod to Paul Verhoeven’s cult 1969 series and a case of hauerperfect casting, Floris star Rutger Hauer has been tapped for a recurring role on Dan Fogelman’s midseason musical fairytale comedy series Galavant, about a knight (Joshua Sasse) taking on the evil King Richard (Timothy Omundson) who stole the woman he loved. Hauer will play Kingsley, King Richard’s older, bigger and more badass brother who will threaten his little brother’s rule — and since he is a man so destined to be a great king that his parents named him Kingsley.

Best known for his role in another cult project, the 1982 movie Blade Runner, Dutch actor Hauer got his break in his native country when he landed the title role in Floris, also about a wronged knight taking on the big and powerful. “Myself and our producing director Chris Koch are the biggest Rutger fans of all time; Chris can practically recite Blade Runner from memory,” Fogelman told me. “While the musical comedy aspect of our show makes it obviously pretty different from Floris, there is something about merging the worlds — and a badass Rutger — that makes it pretty exciting.”

Hauer joins a formidable list of Galavant guest stars that includes John Stamos as a goateed knight, Hugh Bonneville as landlocked pirate Peter the Pillager, Ricky Gervais as a medieval magician named Xanax, and Weird Al Yankovic as a singing monk. Watch the first trailer for the show above.