One Showtime series saw a kid’s birthday party and some partnerships come to an end, while the other heralded the beginning of John F. Kennedy’s presidency. However, Ray Donovan and Masters Of Sex wrapped their second seasons last night with one way up and one not so much.

With 2 million watching the 9 PM show, the Season 2 finale of Hollywood fixer series Ray Donovan was up 40% from the 1.41 million who tuned in for the Season 1 ender on September 22 last year, which benefited from following the record-breaking series finale of Dexter. Even with the announced departure of creator-showrunner Ann Biderman, this season has seen Ray Donovan hit new highs on a couple of occasions. The show’s September 14 airing drew a series-high 1.8 million viewers — and that’s against NBC’s powerhouse Sunday Night Football. Last night’s multi-story finale jumped 61% from the 1.22 million who watched its Season 2 opener on July 13.

Now at 10 PM and paired with Ray Donovan instead of its Season 1 partner Homeland, the tale of sexuality pioneers William Masters and Virginia Johnson didn’t get as much love for its Season 2 finale. Watched by 889,000 viewers, the drama starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan was down 25% from the 1.2 million who saw its freshman season finale on December 15. Comparing finale to premiere, the Season 2 ender Sunday rose from the 825,000 viewers who watched the season opener in its new slot in mid-July.

Both Ray Donovan and Masters Of Sex were renewed for a third season back in late August and are expected to return in mid-2015.