Kal Penn has joined the ABC/Univision’s Fusion network as special correspondent covering the midterm elections. Penn, you’ll recall,  worked in the Obama administration as Associate Director of the White House’s Office of Public Engagement.

kal pennBut he’s maybe best known for his starring role in the Harold & Kumar stoner film series. To join the White House in 2009, he left his gig playing Dr. Lawrence Kutner on Fox’s House.  In ’11, he left public service to accept a role on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother and was subsequently cast in CBS’s short-lived We Are Men.  (Penn has reunited with House creator David Shore on CBS’s new Battle Creek).

Penn will be part of a new primetime show called Midterm Mayhem: The Ultimate Political Smackdown, Fusion announced this morning, explaining the program will give viewers “all the essential political news of the day and answer questions of fundamental importance to Fusion’s audience.”

Added Penn: “It’s definitely possible to be entertaining while having conversations about things that actually matter in the democratic process. Our political debates generate a lot punchlines and crazy segments, and that’s fun, but we’re hoping to offer some smart, engaging, and entertaining reporting without obsessing over the lowest common denominator. We hope to inspire people to get off the sidelines, get engaged, and wake up on election day and actually vote.”

Watch Penn’s speech delivered at the 2012 Democratic National Convention: