What a concept: A cable company with a name that doesn’t begin with the letter “C” — like Comcast, Charter, Cox, and Cablevision. GreatLand Connections will be the name of the operator to be created if Comcast completes its deal to buy Time Warner Cable. In a complicated arrangement in April, the cable giant agreed to spin off 2.5M subscribers — mostly in the midwest and southeast — to a new, publicly traded entity. Comcast shareholders would initially control two thirds of the stock, and Charter investors would have the rest. Early references to the new company, which would start out as the No. 5 cable operator, referred to it as SpinCo, a common placeholder name in business transactions.

Michael Willner, an industry vet who will lead the new operation, says the name GreatLand Connections “pays homage to the rich history and striking geographies of the diverse communities in which the company will operate. It brings to mind  our commitment to connecting people and businesses with terrific products and excellent service in the almost 1,000 historic communities — large and small — across the 11 states we will serve.”