NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams tonight dialed back his Thursday report about the U.S. Justice Department investigation into New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s alleged role in the September 2013 George Washington Bridge lane closures, in which Williams mistakenly said investigators have “ruled out” charges against Christie.

“We may have added confusion to some complex reporting last night — and it has to do with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the multiple investigations underway into so-called ‘Bridgegate,’ when Christie surrogates allegedly ordered politically motivated lane closures on the busiest bridge in the world,” Williams said tonight.

“The state of play is this: the feds have so far found no grounds for charges — no involvement of the governor himself. Both the federal and state investigations continue.”

One night earlier, however, Williams reported that, “federal charges are now ruled out for Chris Christie in the affair that came to be known as Bridgegate.” Here is text of what Williams said on Thursday’s newscast:

“A major headline this evening in the federal investigation into New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his administration. Federal officials tell NBC News that after 9-months, investigators have concluded: there is no evidence that Governor Christie had advance knowledge of any politically-motivated scheme to shut down lanes on the George Washington Bridge.. which is the world’s busiest span. This is the Federal investigation, mind you. While a separate Grand Jury continues to investigate other alleged abuses involving the Port Authority, no headline tonight – the headline here however, the Federal charges are now ruled out for Chris Christie in the affair that came to be known as ‘Bridgegate.’”