Listen! Up there in the airwaves! Director Zack Snyder called into Detroit sports talk radio station this morning to defend DC superhero Aquaman. His rep confirms that the filmmaker called after hearing on-air chatter on 97.1 The Ticket badmouthing the character while en route to the Detroit set of Batman V. Superman. “I don’t want to give anything away about the movie, but Aquaman has some cool abilities,” he said. “People are like: ‘Oh, what? Does he talk to animals? Cause that seems like what he does. Or fish?’ The cool thing with Aquaman is he’s Triton, so you have to realize that could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact.”

ZackSnyderSnyder is still playing coy about Aquaman appearing in his 2016 WB superhero faceoff. Jason Momoa is on the docket to play the watery character, but between Entourage‘s running Aquaman joke and the character’s fishy origins, radio hosts Stoney and Bill aren’t the first to wonder if the mer-hero is worthy of praise. “He’s super-strong cause of course he can exist at these super-deep depths, so when he comes up here, he’s crazy strong,” said Snyder. “Not to say he’s in my movie or anything like that. But he has the potential to be badass. That’s all I’m saying.” Listen to the call here.