EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Sharp has been signed to a blind deal to hatch a film through Tobey Maguire’s development financing arm of Material Pictures. This comes after Sharp’s short film, The Karman Line, made it into SXSW and organically became a viral sensation. I can remember when clever short films like Saving Ryan’s Privates would be passed around via cassette, in hopes that agents or studio execs would notice. The digital age means that aspiring filmmakers need only to post their shorts, and watch the viewership numbers accumulate. The short got Sharp signed with UTA and Management 360. Sharp is a Fullbright Scholar and Tisch MFA candidate.

Maguire separately used Material’s buying ability to acquire a pitch from Pitch Perfect author Mickey Rapkin that is based on his previous book Theater Geek. The deal was sealed as several studios bid on the material. Film 360 will produce along with Maguire’s Material Pictures amd Matthew Plouffe.