The Horse’s Mouth is an ongoing feature with a collection of head-scratching comments and crazy conversations we’ve had with people across the industry that made us laugh. We thought we’d share them with you.

Hasbro-2014-SDCC-Jabba-set_detail-photo1_Fotor“I find it hard to believe that a bunch of 35 year-olds who make their own costumes and stand in line for hours to get a picture with Jabba the Hut would show poor judgement.” — Deadline commenter on Comic-Con crowd jumping on deaf man’s car and punching the windshield near the end of the ZombieWalk.


Chris Pratt“Why is everyone yelling for Chris Rat? Who is he?” — Overheard at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere.


PUBLICIST: I’m going to put out a statement soon that says “No comment.”
REPORTER: Okay, but … you realize that you just told me that the company has no comment.
PUBLICIST: No, I didn’t say that. You’re going to have to wait for the statement.
REPORTER: You mean the ‘no comment’ statement?


11_-_Hurri.._Briens“The state sport is drinking. In New Orleans, there’s alcohol on every set.” — Overheard from a producer talking about filming in Louisiana.


REPORTER: I thought you said this project didn’t exist.
STUDIO EXEC: Did I tell you that?
REPORTER: Yes, remember I told you it was one of my favorite movies and asked if it were getting remade and you said no?
STUDIO EXEC: Well, I kicked it to the curb.
REPORTER: But it says it’s active.
STUDIO EXEC: Well, it might not get made.
REPORTER: Right, but you told me the project didn’t even exist.
STUDIO EXEC: Well, it might not exist.
REPORTER: But … you said … you know what? Never mind.
STUDIO EXEC: Okay, okay, I owe you one.


xin_53100115164078900872REPORTER: Were there any security problems on the lot associated with this (PGA Produced By) conference?
SECURITY GUARD: “No, everything’s running smoothly.” (pause) “But you’d get the same answer if there was a problem.”


PUBLICIST: Why didn’t you call me?
REPORTER: Because I already had four sources on this story.
PUBLICIST: But nothing is supposed to be posted on your site until the publicist clears it.
REPORTER: Well, with four sources, I know it’s not a conspiracy.
PUBLICIST: But it’s premature.
REPORTER: So, you’re saying it’s inaccurate?
PUBLICIST: It’s premature.
REPORTER: So, it’s accurate.
PUBLICIST: I’m never going to work with you again.


confused1SOURCE: Yes he did. He stepped down and picked up a new franchise.
REPORTER: You mean, he’s gone?
SOURCE: What? No.
REPORTER: You just said he stepped down.
SOURCE: Stepped down to the plate.
REPORTER: You mean he ‘stepped up to the plate’ and acquired rights to a new franchise?
SOURCE: Oh, is it stepped up to the plate?