EXCLUSIVE: In what is for my money the most consistently entertaining movie franchise culled from a video game, Resident Evil has spanned five films, anchored by the unstoppable heroine Alice. Well, she’s not entirely unstoppable. Milla Jovovich is pregnant, and she and husband Paul W.S. Anderson and Constantin Film are pushing back to start of the sixth and likely final Resident Evil installment until next year. This will be the second child for Jovovich and Anderson, who wrote and produced all the films and has helmed three of the first five. He’ll direct the next one, but they’re pushing the action-heavy film’s production start to next year. According to Constantin, the pic was set for production this fall in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, for a 2015 release. They’re pushing back only 10 months. Like I said, Alice is one tough cookie, and Jovovich expects to  be back in fighting shape rather quickly. The first five films have grossed $915 million collectively worldwide.