EXCLUSIVE: Rob Reiner  is venturing into television with a period drama set at the most famous secret society in American college history. Reiner is set to direct the untitled thriller drama project, set in the late 1960s. Co-written by Aaron Tracy (Sequestered) and Royal Pains co-creator/executive producer Andrew Lenchewski, it centers on a Yale student with aspirations to be among the besImage (1) lenchewski__130326220304.png for post 461881t and the brightest, who is recruited by the CIA to become a mole in the secret Skull and Bones society. He becomes caught between the two very powerful organizations. Reiner executive produces with his producing partner Alan Greisman, Lenchewski and Charlie Ebersol, with Tracy co-exec producing. Ebersol’s dad, former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol, attended Yale during the 1960s. Universal Cable Prods, where Lenchewski is under an overall deal, is producing.

Yale’s Skull and Bones sSkullBones_logoociety has produced a slew of top U.S. political and military leaders, including President George W. Bush, who was at Yale and a Skull & Bones member in the 1960s, and James Jesus Angleton, a top CIA official during the 1960s. The society has been the subject of a numerous conspiracy theories, including one that the society it controls the CIA. It also has been an attractive setting for TV series. This past season, ABC developed a mystery drama based on Alexandra Robbins’ nonfiction book The Secrets Of The Tomb: Skull And Bones, The Ivy League And The Hidden Paths Of Power. In addition to the USA project, Reiner has another TV series in development, comedic drama Basket Case at  Spike TV. Reiner, Greisman, Lenchewski and Tracy are with CAA, Ebersol is with WME.