Two projects, very similar in subject matter about Greek Gods on Earth, are being melded together into one project at Sony. Apollo Rising — which is based on an original idea by the legendary comic book creator Stan Lee (Spider-Man) and developed between Lee and Avi Arad is merging with Eternal, which was a spec script from Red Queen author Victoria Aveyard purchased earlier this year.

Eternal is said to be a modern interpretation of the story about Greek Gods coming to Earth, complete with minotaurs. Apollo Rising is said to be about Greek Gods which have been living among humans on Earth in various hidden forms. The project will now be produced by Arad, Lee, Michael Costigan, Divergent producer Pouya Shabazian, Benderspink’s J.C. Spink and Jake Weiner.

There was talk back in February when Eternal ended up at Sony, that the studio purchased it to take it off the market to combine it with Apollo Rising; that idea went back and forth and now they’ve come up with a good combination to do it. Apollo is the Greek God of music and poetry, who is often depicted as an archer who carries a silver bow. The mythical God carries the gift of prophecy. He stays but his twin Artemis is out. She is the huntress which carries a bow and arrow, now reminiscent of Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games.

I guess you could call these mythical God’s the inspiration for all comic books. You know, the original superheroes.