As part of our Primetime Emmy Awards coverage Monday evening, I will do a live blog during the event with Sons Of Anarchy creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter. To me, Sons is the most accomplished and ambitious long-running series to be ignored by Emmy voters, save for a couple song nominations. Sons is a Shakespearean tale that to my mind has produced some of the most shocking moments and richest character development of any series to come along during this cable series golden age. Perhaps the series has been marginalized by voters because the empire is a motorcycle club dealing in illegal firearms, drugs and violence. But some of the most lauded series take place in unsavory settings, from The Sopranos and organized crime to Boardwalk Empire and Prohibition Era bootlegging, to Breaking Bad and the production of methamphetamine. As Sutter and Sons rev toward their seventh and final season, I thought his perspective on the Emmys would fit nicely with the real-time coverage Deadline will provide during the event. Here’s a trailer for the Sons final season: