EXCLUSIVE: Having screened earlier today at the Venice Film Festival and premiering tomorrow night, Jackie & Ryan, is the third feature from director Ami Canaan Mann (daughter of Michael Mann), which follows a train hopper, Ryan (British actor Ben Barnes), who is set on becoming a musician during the millennium’s recession in Utah.  He meets Jackie (Katherine Heigl), a single mother, who is fighting over custody for her daughter, however, a car accident propels their lives together.

One of the inspirations for Mann was an Austin, Texas street band she heard, performing early twentieth-century music. “It struck me that, in the midst of the commercialism of a US film market, here were a group of guys whose objective was simply excellence in playing the music they loved and then trying to create a hand to mouth existence playing that music. Hard not to respect that. Or want to tell a story about it,” said Mann in the Venice Film Festival guide.

In this clip, Ryan croons a riveting, toe-tapping bluegrass variation on the folk song “Railroaders’ Lament” (aka as “500 Miles” made popular by Peter, Paul and Mary) inside a recording studio. Jackie & Ryan also stars Clea DuVall and Sheryl Lee. Previously, Mann helmed 2011’s Texas Killing Fields about a homicide detective who teams up with a New York City cop to solve a series of murders in the Texan swamps. That film starred Sam Worthington, Chloe Grace Moretz and also was one of the titles that year, in addition to Tree of Life and The Help, that put actress Jessica Chastain on the map. Here’s a look at Jackie & Ryan:

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