The day before a holiday weekend usually is a good time to unload employees – Take Out lisademoraescolumn__140603223319the Trash Day, it’s cruelly called in the business. Some of the best-known and most respected execs in TV industry have decided, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving for example, that they need to spend more time with their families or pursue other interests.

Corporate thinking is that the bad news will get missed by the many people already in vacation mode and not checking email, Twitter or web headlines or watching TV or reading newspapers.

But one plucky CNN staffer demonstrated today how Take Out the Trash Day can be turned to one’s advantage, if you know how to game the system.

Lisa Desjardins, an off air reporter for, who fell victim to a D.C. digital restructure several weeks ago, became a media darling this afternoon when she posted to YouTube a video of her last day at the news operation. Slow news day, click bait video – a star was born:

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And more where that came from.