Weeks after the newly launched entertainment research company picked off some of the shuttered Motion Picture Group’s top staffers, C4 now has completed the takeover by picking up all of the company’s data assets. The indie company co-founded by producers D. Todd Shepherd and George Waud of Miscellaneous Entertainment and financier Michael Benaroya offers script analysis, screening research, tracking and advertising testing for TV, digital and video game industries. “We are all very happy that we could work out this mutually beneficial deal with MPG and its advisers,” Shepherd said. “The team at C4 is already working to revolutionize the way decision makers analyze creative and financial entertainment content with the support of sound research and smart data algorithms. Having the MPG research data is useful in that quest.” C4 is run by CEO Vincent Bruzzese, who was chief exec of MPG. C4’s ranks also include former MPG execs including Kristin Simmon, Rob Siegel, Miriam BRin and Wade Young. “To ensure the security of C4 as we capitalize this exciting new venture, we felt it was necessary to make sure all parties who had any connection to the launch were on the same page going forward,” Bruzzese said. “We have found that place and look forward to growing an innovative and creative company.”