Just when it seemed safe to punch out for the holiday, a hot book has studios in a lather. I’m hearing Paramount — with Allison Shearmur as producer — is in front-runner position and working on a pre-emptive deal for Anatomy Of A Misfit, a novel by Andrea Portes that sources feel has the potential to be a big book. The logline: The third-most-popular girl in school is secretly dating a troubled loner when the most popular guy is suddenly interested in her. She struggles to choose between them until she is faced with a tragedy that changes her entire perception of high school and the social order. Portes based the tale on a story from her own life. She’s a bestselling author who wrote Bury This and Hick, and she will team to write the script with Joel Silverman, who just scripted a film about 1970s Miami Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian for Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer, and now is adapting for CBS Films’ Lady In The Locker Room, about one of the pioneer female baseball beat reporters who covered the Oakland A’s in the 1980s. Anatomy Of A Misfit will be published in the fall by HarperTeen. Portes and Silverman pitched their take for the movie to producers, who took them to several studios before talks got serious with Paramount. The book’s being shopped by Jordan Bayer and Chris Sablan of Original Artists for lit agent Katie Shea at the Donald Maass Literary Agency. Studio says they haven’t closed a deal, but it sounds like this one will go before the holiday.