They say to succeed in Hollywood, all you need is to get your foot in the door, whatever that door is. For 31-year-old Terrell Lawrence, it was the accounting department of a talent agency, ICM Partners. After graduating from University of South Carolina in 2005 with a major in Media Arts, he moved to Los Angeles and the next year landed a job as an accounting analyst at ICM. But like thousands of others, Lawrence secretly harbored a dream of becoming a writer. Word of Lawrence’s aspirations got to young ICM TV lit agent Laura Gordon, who has been building a client roster after getting promoted to agent at the end of last year. She read a Big Bang Theory spec Lawrence had written and worked with him on an original sample.  As both Lawrence and Gordon are well liked within the agency, other agents in the TV lit department offered to help, including partner Ted Chervin, who introduced the budding comedy writer to client Bill Lawrence. Bill Lawrence’s shows were fully staffed but he liked Terrell’s writing and recommended him to another top comedy showrunner, Greg Malins, with whom Bill had created the TBS comedy series Ground Floor. The introduction led to a writer staffing job for Terrell on Malins’ new TBS comedy Your Family or Mine… and a vacancy in ICM Partners’ accounting department for another budding writer with a knack for numbers.