It’s never difficult to distinguish between a ray of sunshine and a TV critic at a Q&A session for a new show they don’t like. One throws a meaningful question about “overdone gender dynamics” at the creator of ABC‘s new comedy Manhattan Love Story (“he’s into boobs, she likes purses and cries all the time”) —  and wonders if viewers will have to suffer through the We Get To Hear The Characters’ Thoughts gimmick used in the pilot episode for the run of the show. The other is bright.

Yes,” creator Jeff Lowell said of the gimmick being in the show for the long haul, explaining “we want to establish that men and women think about things differently.”

Manhattan Love Story cast shot“I don’t really like purses,” Analeigh Tipton, one half of the show’s central Adorable Couple, offered helpfully, adding that the writing staff includes “feisty” females.

Another critic asked if they were supposed to think of Jake McDorman‘s Peter character — the other half of the Adorable Couple — as “kind of a dick, but with hidden depths,” or “a guy who is changing and improving thanks to the relationship.”

“If he comes off as a dick, it’s Jeff’s fault,” McDorman explained. This romantic comedy purports to expose the unfiltered internal monologues of a young couple embarking on a new relationship, in New York City.

One critic suggested, like he meant it to sting, that the pilot was a little too Woody Allen, circa his Manhattan period, right down to the series’ name. “I’m not trying to rip it off,” Lowell said, as the critic ticked off the similarities. “I’m a fan. It’s there, but hopefully not so directly that it seems opportunistic.”

Later, a critic asked both halves of the Adorable Couple if this was their first TCA Press Tour, and to tell the room exactly what they were thinking, but not saying out loud, at that moment. “I”m just thinking about handbags,” snarked cast member Jade Catta-Preta, who plays Amy in the show.

“This is not my first  — and I have to pee,” responded McDorman.

“This is my first TCA —  and I’m hoping I”m not flashing you all now,” replied Tipton, who was on stage in a very short skirt.