With a marathon of sessions every day, some awkward situations during press tour are unavoidable. But I can’t remember a day in TCA history with two blunders of the magnitude we had today. These two questions should easily top the list of cringe-worthy moments at this summer’s TCA.

First, a critic addressed Morgan Freeman, executive producer of CBS’ upcoming drama series Madam Secretary. Here is the exchange, with props to the famous actor for keeping his cool and patiently answering the ridiculous line of questioning:

2014 Summer TCA Tour - Day 10QUESTION: This may be a senior moment but I don’t remember seeing Morgan in the pilot. What role is he going to have? I didn’t even know he was cast in the show.



QUESTION: What is your role, then? I’m sorry. I’m confused.

MORGAN FREEMAN: Executive, executive producer.

QUESTION: So you’re not going to actually have any on‑air role at all, then?

MORGAN FREEMAN: Well, we can’t say definitely no, but right now, no.

QUESTION: Right now at this point, none at all?


QUESTION: Okay. Thanks.

scorpion-cbs-02Later in the day, just as all of us were trying to make sense of the horrible news coming out of the Ukraine where a passenger jet went down, CBS held a panel for its new action procedural Scorpion. In the pilot, a group of geniuses race against the clock to help planes, stranded in the air by a software glitch at LAX, from crashing into the ground. For one critic, those were high stakes hard to sustain in a series:

“There is a procedural engine at the heart of this show. And I think one of the things about that procedural engine is that on some shows, if it’s a crime procedural, crimes happen all the time. But planes don’t almost fall out of the sky almost every day.” Ouch.