MTV’s new original family drama Finding Carter centers on a teenager (Kathryn Prescott) who learns the woman who she thought was her mother actually abducted her as a toddler and must adjust to life with her biological family while looking for her on-the-lam “mom” (whew).

Finding CarterOne questioner today at TCA pointed out an unusual occurrence for the TV press tour: The 8-person panel of actors and executive producers included only one man. (The lineup: actors Prescott, Anna Jacoby-Heron, Milena Govich, Cynthia Watros, lone-guy Alexis Denisof and EPs Terri Minsky, Deb Spera and Maria Grasso.)

Coincidence? The producers don’t think so. Spera noted “our DP is a woman” and that everyone is very cognizant of the fact that three women are at the helm of what is essentially a women’s story. “I don’t think of it as deliberately: ‘Oooh, I have to have women,’ it’s just that women understood the emotion of the show,” said Minsky. “I hired Image (1) mtv__131111162715.jpg for post 719484people who understood the show.” She noted that many elements of the show grew out of her relationship with her own daughter.

Prescott agreed. “In so much TV you see women who are secondary characters … they are only there be cause of their relation to a male lead,” she said. “What’s great about this is it’s about Carter, her two mothers, her relationship with them.” Her character will have relationships with boys, but “it’s not like the central story line. It’s very secondary.”