CW chief Mark Pedowitz still is hopeful he’ll get a Supernatural spinoff on his schedule, despite  passing on a long-gestating one this past May. “The Supernatural spinoff that came in, creatively did not quite get to where we wanted it to go,” he told TV critics this morning, echoing sentiments he expressed to reporters the morning of his Upfront presentation to advertisers in May.  “We have told [the exec producers] we are very open to do another spinoff; we’re waiting for them to come in with whatever the next concept is,” he said, calling Supernatural “a franchise that has a lot of legs to it.”

Supernatural exec producerSupernatural Jeremy Carver thinks so too, telling TV critics at Summer TV Press Tour 2014. “There’s so much story left to tell —  which is remarkable given that we’re in season 129 already,” he quipped during the Q&A session to discuss the start of its 10th season.  That said, when the show finally throws in the towel,  “I know [show creator] Eric Kripke always had an ending in mind,” Carver said. However, he insisted the writers “minds are wide open” to a “happy accident” producing some new idea for the show wrapper, adding, “The show is continuing on beyond any of our wildest dreams and I don’t want to limit myself.”

You’re the Gunsmoke of paranormal shows,” a TV critic said neatly — the series predates the network on which it’s broadcast, having originated at WB.  The series, which debuted in September of ’05,  stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as brothers who hunt demons, monsters, and ghosts.

Mostly, today’s Q&A session was a beauty-pageant-question trip down memory lane for the two stars, who were, in fairness, asked to discuss how sick they were of each other and what they’ve learned from each other, and other questions too glutinous to mention.  Critics learned that the two actors have learned a lot from each other, consider the other to be “a brother on screen and off,” will be friends forever, and would be doing the other a disservice to try to put into words what they’ve learned from said other.

And, they broke it to the room’s fan-fiction writers  – the show panelists said very clearly that they’ve steered clear of all fan fiction over the years.

Other things we learned from the Q&A session:

– Vancouver is a great place to shoot because they’re not distracted by the Hollywood social scene and are there to do a  job. Vancouver’s long winter nights and semi-perpetual state of overcast-itude make for the right look for the series. Chasing demons and ghosts among palm trees while deeply tanned and riding pedibikes would not set the right tone, the actors seemed to agree. Plus, the weather there means they get to wear coats,  in which to hide weapons.

– The two stars  still do some of their own stunts, despite being nearly a decade older than when the show debuted.

– The actors are amazed by the range in age of their viewers. Padalecki said he’s met young viewers who said they started watching when they were 6 years old, while Ackles said he came across a 75-year-old TSA agent at an airport who told him, “Love your show man – I’ve seen every episode with my granddaughter.”