SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of the Season 6 finale and other episodes of Sons Of Anarchy.

For some of the reporters at the TCA panel for Sons Of Anarchylast season’s ending exceeded their expectations for violence with Eli being shot in the back by Juice and Gemma’s forking of Tara. For Sons creator Sutter, it’s just all part of the process when you’re producing a pulp novel every week.

“I don’t have a filter,” said Sutter, “I rely on (FX CEO) John Landgraf for that.”

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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 finale“It’s not so much, ‘How do I outdo myself?’, but within the circumstance of a scene between two characters, (I ask myself), ‘What is the most interesting way for things to happen?’ I can say fairly confidently that I don’t think we’ve ever done anything inorganically in a heightened season. It was a fork (as a weapon) in that scene, because it was there,” Sutter said.

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In the wake of that scene, Sutter mentioned that people have approached his wife on the street asking for their forks to be autographed.

Disturbing people isn’t at the forefront of Sutter’s mind. Whenever fans get upset over the death of a character on the FX drama, it’s a testament to that he’s created solid, beloved characters. “People hated me when I killed Opie,” said the creator. “It was like they lost a friend. But they kept watching the show, and it means I’m writing characters that people relate to and believe.”

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Sons of Anarchy TCASutter explained that he begins each season with a blueprint but doesn’t try to stay beholden to it. He’s happier with the outcome when he keeps his options open — hence, seven episodes into season 7, the ending could conceivably wind up differently from what he has outlined. The final season opens 10 days after the season 6 finale where Tara died. We find Jax (Charlie Hunnam) in a schizophrenic state, broken with a huge amount of vengeance on his mind. Hunnam also hinted, “There’s an exciting romance that Tig (Kim Coates) gets to sort out this year.”

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When the conversation turned to Emmy snubbing in prime categories (Sutter nabbed a nom in the original music and lyrics category for “Day Is Gone”, the song he co-wrote with Noah Gundersen and Bob Thiele from the episode “A Mother’s Work”), the creator quipped, “It’s because we’re not wearing costumes.”

Paris BarclayEP/director Paris Barclay illuminated, “As a viewer, if you’re not into Sons Of Anarchy, then you’re not into it. I really don’t think our show is one that Emmy voters watch. For example, I’m more of a Glee dude. My mother only watches our show because I’m working on it, but it’ s not something that she would generally watch.”

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Hunnam’s take on the series being overlooked in the drama category for Emmys: “I really don’t give a shit. I make this show for the people who watch this show and for myself who enjoys the work.”

To which Sutter responded: “I want to win an Emmy.  I would like the Emmy.”