The late-night talk show host’s pet side project won’t make a cameo on the upcoming Primetime Emmys telecast that he’s hosting, but Seth Meyers mentioned during The Awesomes panel at Comic-Con that his team is writing “filmed segments featuring many of this year’s nominees.”

Season 2 of his animated superhero Hulu series is upping its profile with the addition of his Saturday Night Live pals Amy Poehler, Maya Rud0lph and Will Forte voicing new characters. While Season 1 focused on a ragtag misfit superhero team (inspired largely by DC’s Justice League), in Season 2 we find The Awesomes getting more respect. Meyers’ lead Image (1) sethmeyers__140425013105.jpg for post 719698toon hero Prock falls in love with a fierce lawyer, Jaclyn Stone (Poehler), who when it comes to fighting adversaries in court will “sue their dicks off.” There’s also a new vigilante hanging around, Metal-fella, who is a lot like Marvel’s Iron Man. Whether the production will face any litigation from Marvel, Meyers quipped: “No one knows who came up with which one first. Maybe we’ll sue people.” We’ll also see the family members of Season 1 villain Dr. Malocchio (fellow SNL alum Bill Hader) including Lady Malocchio (Rudolph) and Malocchio Jr. (Forte), the latter plotting revenge. Other zany plotlines for Season 2 include Perfect Man (voiced by brother Josh Meyers) getting in a bind and learning he needs the help of The Awesomes in court. Said Seth Meyers: “Perfect Man is a racist because he’s stupid.  He’s even against Atlantic Islanders, the people from Nantucket.”

comic-con-logoColin Quinn , yet another SNL veteran, will play a highly intelligent racist ape who doesn’t like humans. However, the big difference in Season 2 per Meyers and fellow Awesomes and Late Night producer Mike Shoemaker is that they added a writing staff headed by stand-up comic Dan Mintz. “We got busy and realized we wouldn’t be able to do both the animated show and Late Night at the same time,” said Shoemaker. For Season one, Meyers and Shoemaker had more prep time. “This show wouldn’t have worked on a network — we don’t have to chase ratings with this model,” said Meyers about the perks about airing The Awesomes on Hulu.

Here are two clips that premiered during the Comic-Con panel — the Season 2 trailer followed by a “Meet the New Cast” featurette: