Philip Marshak, who wrote and directed several cult classic films in the late ’70s and ’80s, including Night Train To Terror, Cataclysm and Dracula Sucks, has died. He passed away last night surrounded by his family at his Los Angeles home after a long battle with leukemia, diabetes and heart disease. his son, talent manager Darryl Marshak said. He was 80. Philip Marshak began his Hollywood career as an actor studying with Lee Strasberg, but then took a turn as an underground/guerrilla filmmaker in the late 60’s/70’s.

Raising indie funds, Marshak wrote, produced & directed several low budget cult classics. They included Potluck, a project he co-wrote with Dan Gordon (Hurricane, Passenger 57) about a bunch of loveable losers who rob a Macy’s department store in drag;  Hot Spurs, a raunchy comedy about the old West, Olympic Fever, a comedy about the 1984 Olympics; thriller Hard Knocks; and Reuben’s Revenge. Other directing credits include Blue Ice, Passionate Lee and Night Flight. In addition to son Darryl, he is survived by his wife Pamela, son Shane and daughter Tracy Marshak-Nash.