The company is careful to note in the proxy filed today at the SEC that CEO Jon Feltheimer‘s new package looks especially big because it has to count the full value of equity that actually vests over several years. Still, the sum for the fiscal year ending in March is extraordinary — and likely will make him one of the nation’s top paid CEOs this year. The Lionsgate chief’s package consists of: $1.5M salary, $11.7M stock awards, $41.5M option awards, $8.8M non-equity incentives, and $197,201 in other compensation. The “other” category includes $23,884 in club membership dues and $170,385 for personal use of the company aircraft.

Lionsgate’s board credits Feltheimer for leading “another strong year for the Company,” which included hits led by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Now You See Me as well as gains at Epix and a new partnership with CBS to run TVGN. Lionsgate shares only rose 6%  in the fiscal year, though, as investors began to wonder whether the company could sustain its hot streak after 2015 when the Hunger Games series ends.

Last year, Vice Chairman Michael Burns’ compensation stood out, at $28.2M with a new contract. This year it came in at $8.5M.