Sony/MGM’s 22 Jump Street, which has done well during the height of the World Cup and has proven to be a good comedy option and counter-programming, had a $1M opening in Russia. The number is significant because in one day it surpassed 21 Jump Street‘s full weekend gross in the territory. That puts the sequel on track to pull in almost $4.5M during the weekend which would also best the lifetime projection in the market of Neighbors, another R-rated comedy. Of course, two kids with badges can’t beat the monster: Transformers: Age Of Extinction is No. 1 and is crushing everything in sight as it dominated China and now is boldly going (er, wait, wrong Par movie franchise) … as it plows into Europe.

Meanwhile, as the Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum 22 continues to play, the action-packed laugher is expected to run past the lifetime gross overseas of 21 this weekend. It’s really done surprisingly well during the football fest. Its biggest territories to date remain the UK and with the Netherlands, the pic continues to do strong in those two territories where it is still chasing in grosses. In fact, during the biggest UK TV audience watching the World Cup since the 2012 Olympics a couple of weeks ago, 22 held its ground. It is also holding strong in Australia, the studio notes. Expect full report on international this weekend from my colleague Nancy Tartaglione.