Hulu head of content Craig Erwich announced at TCA today that the streaming website was landing the exclusive steaming rights to South Park“.  Starting July 12, Hulu will stream all 244 episodes for free until September 24 when they switch to Hulu Plus.  South Park ranks in our top 10 shows each month and hits the sweet spot for our demo,” said Erwich, “We’ll have every season of the series.” The deal is between Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s South Park Studios, a joint venture between Viacom and the South Park creators.

In a surprise appearance at the Hulu, Parker and Stone expounded on the news.  Said Stone, “We worked with the Viacom player a few years ago, and there would be glitches and bugs following the upload of South Park. However, Hulu was out of the gate fast and had a better player. We looked at their player with envy, and we always wanted to have the best possible platform for our show.”

Parker quipped about Hulu, “We wanted to rip off their technology.”

“We had very few options when we were first pitching South Park,” said Parker reflecting on the initial platforms available to the duo in the mid’ 90s, “If we had the ability to launch on the internet without censorship, we would have started there. For us the first organic thing about the series was Spirit of Christmas, our five minute long short. We put it on VHS and it was copied. It was a viral video before anyone knew what it was. It spread super fast and super crazy.”

At present, the duo are going back into production on South Park, and have no future plans to follow-up the success to their Broadway hit The Book of Mormon.

Another piece of news they wanted to clear out of the air: “No, we’re not going to do a musical version of South Park,” said Parker.