Fullscreen, the big YouTube multi-channel network and talent management group, has launched its first live event, partnering with Warped Tour producer Kevin Lyman and his 4Fini company to feature some of its big online stars and other up-and-comers that it hopes to groom into big stars. The Intour 2014 event on Sept. 13 at the Pasadena Convention Center will feature appearances by Connor Franta, Ricky Dillon, Jc Caylen, Sam Tsui, JennXPenn, Alx James, Brent Rivera, Crawford Collins, WeeklyChris, Dylan Dauzat, Charity Vance, and FreshBigMouf. Tsui, Vance and Mouf are all musicians who will perform. The others, as generally happens in these big social-media-driven live events, will perform comedy, create behind-the-scenes social-media content for YouTube and Vine, meet with fans and otherwise entertain the devout audiences of 14- to 21-year-olds who are showing up in droves. Vidcon in Anaheim, produced by author and online star John Green and his co-starring brother Hank, recently drew 18,000 attendees, while earlier this month, RTX in Austin, backed by Rooster Teeth Productions, drew 30,000. Events by companies such as the Ryan Seacrest-backed Digitour frequently draw 15,000 to 20,000 attendees at events in cities such as Toronto and New York.

“It’s a vehicle for our Fullscreen talent to be with fans, experiment and create,” said Fullscreen SVP Larry Shapiro, the former CAA executive who heads the company’s talent-management unit. “It gives the fans an opportunity to say, ‘I was there,’ and it gives creators an opportunity to meet other people in that space.”

Larry Shapiro Fullscreen“Curating” the right mix of types of performers, and of stars and online performers who are on the cusp of breaking big will also be important. “People are coming from a lot of different spaces,” Shapiro said. “It really is about finding the balance. We’re not just throwing this against the wall (though). We’ve spent the last year and a half watching what happens in the live space.”

He promised a “high-end, very programmed, different experience from other” similar events that some Fullscreen stars have participated in previously, but said the Intour event is designed to be “additive to” rather than competitive with other big live events featuring the budding universe of online video personalities.

These events can draw 15,000 or more fans willing to pay very big ticket prices for the privilege of interacting in person with their online objects of affection. The Intour event will have ticket prices ranging from $42 for a general-admission ticket up to $150 for VIP access before and after the main event to a meet-and-greet and after party.

JennXPenn wearing headphonesThe involvement of Lyman and 4Fini is important, Shapiro said. Lyman, 4Fini’s CEO, is best known for producing the long-running Warped Tour music and pop culture festivals. Stage director Marc Warzecha of Second City will also be shaping the event.

“When approached by Fullscreen to help produce this event, it made total sense given our history of developing longstanding music festivals,” said Lyman. “These creators have built incredible relationships with fans with their videos, and we’re excited to bring that online experience off the screens and onto the stage.”

Fullscreen’s multi-channel network includes more than 40,000 YouTube channels. It represents a few dozen of those creators with its eight-person talent-management team.