Eat, drink and watch NatGeo. The channel unveiled a pair of new travelogue-type series today that revolve around serious ingestion: Eric Greenspan Is Hungry and ChugEric Greenspan follows the titular chef and his gastronome pal Captain Mauzner as they travel the traverse the country looking for meaty ideas for the former’s LA restaurants. Set to premiere in November, the series from Relativity Television will see the hosts chow down on meats ranging from your everyday pig and cow to bison, deer, goat and “other” — talking with and coaxing recipes from the folks who farm, raise, nurture, hunt and butcher livestock. The Kickstarter-funded Chug sees “drinkaloguer” Zane Lamprey visit “an array of exotic and boozy locations” from Australia to Kuala Lumpur, interacting with the locals and merrily imbibing. The title refers not to the downing of beer — or at least not only that — but rather the host’s mode of transportation: trains. It also will look at how drinking traditions affect modern drinking habits. The show from Inzane Entertainment is set to debut in the fall.