EXCLUSIVE: Disney XD has begun production on live-action comedy pilot Commando Crash for series consideration. It features Crash, the popular purple puppet from Disney XD’s Crash & Bernstein, played by Emmy-nominated puppet master and filmmaker Tim Lagasse. The pilot picks up with Crash after he has been sent away to Oak Shield Military Academy, a military school with a stark division between the Alphas, who aspire to learn the good ways of an Oak Shield soldier, and the Clunks, a group of out-casted cadets who are there to mend their propensity for trouble-making. Crash rallies the discouraged Clunks to push their limits and stand up against the long-standing favoritism shown toward the Alphas.

Adam Dorfman, Cameron Ocasio and Armaan Juneja also star as Crash’s fellow Clunks Sterling, Hunter and Z, respectively; Nicholas Stargel as all-star Alpha cadet Duchowski; and Megan Goodman as Kit, an unlikely ally to the Clunks.

Crash & Bernstein creator, Emmy-nommed Eric Friedman (Austin & Ally, I’m In The Band) penned the pilot and executive produces along with Jim Armogida and Steve Armogida. Victor Gonzalez (Lab Rats, Wizards Of Waverly Place) will direct.