Zack Snyder brought his new Batman Ben Affleck, Superman Henry Cavill, and Wonder Woman Gal Gadot to Hall H – and the fans to their feet – right off the bat at the top of Warner Bros.’ two-hour Comic-Con presentation this morning. And with the superheroes came a groundbreaking first for the convention itself: Curtains on either side of the main jumbotron crawled back to reveal supersized wraparound screens extending down both sides of the massive hall, giving the 6,000+ attendees an immersive aural and visual peek at a first teaser for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Snyder also timed a Twitter post to reveal the first look at Gadot’s Wonder Woman (check it out here.)

The original buildWarner Bros. Pictures Panel And Presentation - Comic-Con International 2014 for Warners’ Hall H presentation added 450 feet we’re told and it took four people just to open the curtains. The planning for the install began months ago and the build took about a week. Too bad it’s not permanent though: The curtains closed again immediately following WB’s panel — bummer for Legendary, Marvel, and the other studios who have to follow.

Snyder and Co. were filming just last night but flew in just to wow the Comic-Con crowd. [Spoilers follow:] The brief teaser alights on Affleck’s Batman on a rooftop on a dark and stormy night, eyes glowing blue through the mask of his Batsuit. He strikes on the Batsignal which illuminates the sky, revealing Cavill’s Superman floating in the air, staring him down with eyes glowing red. “I couldn’t be happier with the way everything’s going,” Snyder assured the crowd, which also got peeks at character shots of the trio with the B v S logo. “Talent, sets, special effects — it’s going amazingly well.” WB’s working toward May 6, 2016 release date.