EXCLUSIVE: The feature documentary about TV creators will arrive in theaters and homes just as the fall season gets into full swing. Submarine Deluxe will send Showrunners into cinemas the same day Gravitas Ventures makes it available on VOD. JJ Abrams, Matthew Carnahan, Jane Espenson, Hart Hanson, Ronald D. Moore, Kurt Sutter, and Joss Whedon are among the powerhouse television creators who appear in Showrunners, the first feature-length film to explore the rising power of the showrunner and the behind-the-scenes process that goes into making a hit show. Appropriately enough, pic includes footage shot at previous Comic-Cons. Showrunners also has an exclusive sneak peek screening set for Friday at Comic-Con, followed by a Q&A with director Des Doyle and co-producer Ryan Patrick McGuffey as well as Mike Royce (Enlisted, Men Of A Certain Age, Everybody Loves Raymond) and Bill Prady (The Big Bang Theory).

The Black Sheep / Romark / Junto Production was financed by the Irish Film Board and via Kickstarter. Producers are John Wallace and Rock Shaink, with co-producer Ryan Patrick McGuffey. Executive producers are Jason Rose, Jimmy Nguyen, and Christof Bove. The acquisition deal was negotiated by Dan Braun of Submarine on behalf of the filmmakers and by Nolan and Brendan Gallagher on behalf of Gravitas.