There are tears ahead in Peter Jackson‘s third and final Hobbit flick, The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies. “There’s a lot of sadness and tragedy,” he told the Comic-Con crowd. “It’s always great when you can kill off some main characters.” The good news for Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit fans? There’s more footage Jackson might pack into a new extended version of his LOTR franchise.

“There are a few Legendary Pictures Preview And Panel - Comic-Con International 2014scenes that haven’t been seen from Lord Of The Rings, but not many. We might try to put them back in,” he said, although he said obstacles will make it difficult to get to his seven million feet of footage locked away in a WB vault. “It’s a big logistical thing which haven’t wrapped our heads around. But if there’s enough interest…”

Jackson and his Hobbit cast return this December with Battle Of The Five Armies, which sees the Hobbit films move toward more somber territory in alignment with the LOTR pics. “It’s not as comical as the first Hobbit movie and they’re progressively getting to tone of Fellowship Of The Ring,” said Jackson. He’s still in production on the pic’s CG-heavy war action sequences but brought a stirring, battle-heavy teaser that played twice for the Comic-Con crowd.

Legendary Pictures Preview And Panel - Comic-Con International 2014The best bit of footage Jackson brought to Hall H: A LOTR/Hobbit films blooper reel that fans of his Tolkien adaptations should go gaga over if WB releases it.

Moderating the panel was Stephen Colbert, who hit the stage in Middle Earth cosplay to introduce what he called “Peter Jackson and the Battle for Six Movies” as a self-professed Tolkien superfan: “The only problem I saw was at 11 and a half hours they were too damn short.”

Andy Serkis later stole the stage when asked to bring his Gollum voice forth: “I would like to go backstage with Stephen Colbert and see what he’s got inside his costume, precious.