With Legendary’s Thomas Tull on hand, fanboy fave Guillermo del Toro didn’t waste his SRO Saturday audience in Hall H. After premiering electric and ambitious first-look footage from his gothic romance Crimson Peak, del Toro unabashedly polled the enthusiastic Comic-Con crowd asking if they’d like to see another sequel to his Hellboy films. “Hellboy 3? They’re listening! At The Mountains of Madness?” Both passion pics are in hot demand with the filmmaker’s fans, who unleashed deafening screams of support.

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At The Mountains Of MadnessAre Tull and Legendary also onboard? “When you’re done with PacRim 2, we’ll talk,” Tull answered onstage minutes later.

Hellboy 3 would be a Comic-Con no-brainer, but you could make a movie about del Toro’s aggressive pursuit of converting  the H.P. Lovecraft novella At The Mountains Of Madness into a feature film. legendaryentertainment__140228183941-275x124The saga stalled when — with Universal getting very close to production with del Toro directing and Tom Cruise ready to star — it called a halt because del Toro would not budge on the possibility that the film might come in with an R rating. That was in spring 2011, and he moved on at the time to helm Pacific Rim.

The question is, will an R rating still be a sticking point if Tull decides to jump in after that “talk” to fund what at the time was a $150M-budgeted 3D pic with an R rating. It would be nice to see such a creative filmmaker get to make his passion project.

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In the meantime, Del Toro just launched his FX series The Strain and next will direct the sequel to his mecha-actioner Pacific Rim, which Universal and Legendary have dated for April 7, 2017. But first, the Oscar nominee is finishing the haunted-house pic Crimson Peak (October 16) with stars Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston — who replaced Benedict Cumberbatch in September — Charlie Hunnam, and Jessica Chastain. The moody, richly gothic teaser unveiled in Hall H impressed, and del Toro drew cheers when he explained how he and co-writer Matthew Robbins envisioned Wasikowska’s character Edith Cushing. “I wanted to tackle a great adult story for a female lead,” he said. “Let us see her live past getting the guy — f*** that shit. Let us see her become her own person.”

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Legendary also had Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth in Hall H for their hacker pic Blackhat, and Duncan Jones brought a teaser for CG/live-action 2016 vidgame adaptation Warcraft. Here’s the Warcraft motion logo they unveiled: