Schedule changes and lack of certain Primetime Emmy noms doesn’t keep Brooklyn Nine-Nine down. Co-creators Mike Schur and Dan Goor, EP David Miner, and the cast gathered on the CBS Radford lot today to give the TCA corps a look at their urban work environment and provide some insight into Season 2.

With Brooklyn now scheduled for 8:30 PM, and sandwiched between The Simpsons at 8 PM and The Family GuySimpsons crossover event at 9 PM, team Brooklyn isn’t daunted by the prospect that they’re one of two Fox live-action shows on Sunday, a night historically known for its animation lineup (the other series being Mulaney airing after Family Guy). Miner exclaimed, “This is a tremendous audience and we are with great comedies.  We were thrilled when we got the call.”

That said, when it comes to touching on any dark subject matters in the half-hour comedy series – which it rarely does, keeping to offbeat subjects such as pizzeria arson, Pontiac bandits and jewel thieves – the fact that Brooklyn is scheduled alongside animated shows does have a slight impact creatively.

Said Schur on dark plot lines,  “This is always a debate in the writers’ room.  But you’re never going to see a giant flood of blood unless it goes around a corner and back again for comedic purposes.”

While the stunts on Brooklyn B99garagegroupFF as well as Andre Braugher (as supporting comedy actor) were recognized by the TV Academy, the series was overlooked in the primetime comedy series slot as well as for lead actor Andy Samberg, both of which championed back in January with Golden Globes. Even though NBCUniversal aggressively campaigned for the show, Miner’s take on Brooklyn’s Emmy traction is “We’re happily on the TV Academy’s radar. It takes time to build groundswell with them and we’re happy this time around to be considered. There’s some wonderful TV out there.”

At which Schur sarcastically said, “Perhaps, too much wonderful TV. I have 75 shows on my DVR.”

Season 2, which kicks off on September 28, finds the cast dealing with the cliffhangers from their season finale: Detectives Jake Peralta (Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) deal with their potential romance, plus there’s the aftermath of Charlie (Joe Lo Truglio) and Gina (Chelsea Peretti) having slept together. The EPs assured that in no way would the main Peralta-Santiago romance become the focal point of the series as the Sam & Diane plot did on Cheers.  Guest actors are TBD for Season 2 as the EPs prefer to focus on their main core cast.  However, they relish creating guest characters in Patton Oswalt (as the bully fire chief) as part of their universe, as it’s easy trunk for the writers to pull from.

Schur said, “Greg Daniels referred to it as the ‘Killing Fields’, when you can put all your comedy actors in one place and have a machine gun of joke, joke, joke.  That’s a great momentum to have.  We’re like chefs making recipes with our characters as ingredients: You can take any two, three, four or five of them, put them in a situation and you know it’s going to be fun. It makes our jobs as writers so much easier.”