After it debuted last week to the second-best opening of any specialty film in 2014, Richard Linklater‘s Boyhood is already considered an early Oscar contender that has a chance to cross over as it broadens its run to 10 markets today. It is unprecedented for a narrative film to be shot like this one was. It proved to be a time-lapse process that allows viewers to watch Ellar Coltrane and his castmates age naturally from age 6 to 18 and believably go through the joys and dramas, big and small, inherent in the lives of children. Linklater told Deadline he was lucky nothing unfortunate happened in the lives of the cast and crew, almost all of whom returned year after year. Here, Deadline looks at some of the things that happened to the participants over that span, including in Texas, where Linklater shot the film.

Boyhood chart


Number of other features, TV movies and shorts directed by Richard Linklater:  10

Number of TV episodes created by Richard Linklater: 6 (Up To Speed)

Number of other films featuring Ethan Hawke20 (including two directed by Linklater)

Number of TV episodes featuring Ethan Hawke4 (Alias, Robot Chicken, Moby Dick)

Number of TV episodes featuring Patricia Arquette in the period: 138 (Medium, Boardwalk Empire, Law & Order: SVU

Boyhood other projects chartNumber of movies featuring Patricia Arquette in the period: 8

Number of other films produced/executive-produced by John Sloss 28

Number of other films, shorts and other material produced/executive-produced by Jonathan Sehring46

Number of other films IFC released: 332

Estimated population growth of Austin metropolitan area: 548,000 (to 1.88 million) 

Number of Coldplay albums released (Yellow from their debut appears in film): 6

Number of films screened at South By Southwest Film Festival: 2,752, including 1,401 features

Number of children born to Boyhood cast and crew during the period: 16

Of that, number born to families of Linklater, Sloss, Coltrane, Hawke and Arquette: 8

Number of career Oscar nominations for Linklater and cast of his 1993 film Dazed And Confused: 7

Number of Oscar wins by Dazed And Confused cast and crew: 4 (Ben Affleck (twice), Matthew McConaughey, Renee Zellweger (uncredited appearance as “girl in blue pickup.”)

Number of prisoners executed by State of Texas: 262

Boyhood babies chartEstimated number of students graduated from the University of Texas – Austin: 156,228

Number of NFL Super Bowls won by Texas teams: 0

Number of NFL Super Bowls hosted by Texas cities: 2

Number of Texas governors running for president: 2

Brandon Choe contributed the graphics in this story.