After lurking as a presence in Arrow throughout the second season, villain Ra’s al Ghul finally will appear in Season 3, as will the hero Wildcat, fans at Comic-Con’s mega-screening for Warner Bros TV and DC Comics properties learned tonight. While his face was not identified, the criminal mastermind was seen in full costume and with a sword in a new preview clip. Following up on a Facebook hint by Arrow lead Stephen Amell that Ted “Wildcat” Grant  would join the show, producer Marc Guggenheim tonight confirmed both additions to the hit CW drama. A longtime DC villain, Liam Neeson played the character on the big screen in 2005’s Batman Begins and 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.
Stephen Amell and his Abs 2The Arrow revelations came at the end of the first nighttime presentation for SDCC, screening a smorgasbord of upcoming WBTV shows in massive Hall H.

“You saved the best for last,” said WBTV Marketing chief Lisa Gregorian to the thousands in the hall in kicking off the 3-hour event. The extravaganza not only was a testament to the rise of superheroes but also WB and DC properties. “I david goyer wbtv comic conremember being at Comic-Con when we were the only DC property on television,” said Amell, the night’s emcee, as he named off The Flash pilot, the world premiere of Batman prequel Gotham, plus a preview of NBC’s new supernatural thriller Constantine and clips from the upcoming third season of Arrow.

The screenings were followed by the largest panel on one stage in Comic-Con’s long history, including filmmakers such as Constantine EP David S. Goyer and cast from all four shows, such as Gotham‘s Jada Pinkett Smith and Ben McKenzie all crowding the stage. After the panel, WB screened the full Constantine pilot.

The first episode of Flash, which includes an Amell cameo, premieres on Oct. 7 on the CW, with Gotham debuting on Fox on Sept. 22. Based on the Hellraiser comics, Constantine starts on NBC on Oct. 24, with Arrow back for a new season on Oct. 8 on the CW.