Couple deals making at Warner Bros. Our sister publication Variety reports that Mark Romanek will direct Overlook Hotel, a Glen Mazzara-scripted prequel to Stephen King’s 1977 book The Shining, about the early days of the Overlook Hotel, glimpsed in the final scenes of the Stanley Kubrick-directed movie. Boy, these are big shoes to fill, including author and director. King didn’t much like Kubrick’s original take on his great novel, but even though it’s much different from King’s classic fiction, there must be a dozen unforgettable visual sequences in that movie–from the kid pedaling the big wheel on the wood, then carpet floors in the hallway, to the bloody elevator, to Heere’s Johnny, and others. Give Romanek points for being courageous enough to try and follow a master filmmaker.

Studio has also put in development Space Invaders, based on the 80s Japanese import arcade game. That one got set up at Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road. I guess that’s a brand, which is always a priority in tent pole Hollywood. Still, it is a long way from an arcade game to a satisfying theatrical experience.