tom hardyTom Hardy and partner Dean Baker have been ramping up production efforts of late via their shingle Hardy Son & Baker, most recently teaming with Steven Knight and Ridley Scott for BBC period series Taboo. The pair has now entered a two-year first-look deal with NBCUniversal International Television Production to develop scripted series for the U.S. and international marketplace. Hardy and Baker founded the company in 2012 to make sophisticated, high-quality films, TV series and documentaries. Last year, they produced primetime documentary series Poaching Wars for ITV, which Hardy hosted. While the actor stays busy in features with films like the upcoming Child 44 and Mad Max: Fury Road, and this month shoots big Cannes seller Legend, he’s increasingly active on the small screen. Hardy Son & Baker is co-producing Taboo with Scott’s Scott Free, and Hardy is also starring. Knight created the drama based on an original story by Hardy and his father about an early 19th century adventurer battling the East India Company during a time in British history when the rising power of the Empire seeped into every dark corner. Hardy also has a role in the second season of BBC Two drama Peaky Blinders, which Knight, who directed Hardy feature Locke, also created.

In a statement today, Hardy said, “NBCUniversal is a great fit for Hardy Son & Baker and this partnership is a fantastic next step in the endeavour to build our company into a major international TV drama producer.”

Dean Baker added, “Tom and I love cinema of the 70s – the films of Scorsese, Coppola, Altman, Kubrick, and it’s clear that modern day television has become the dramatic equivalent of those films. At its best, television with its deeply nuanced characters and complex narratives is, by far, the most exciting and ambitious dramatic medium.”

JoAnn Alfano, EVP of Scripted Programming at NBCU-ITVP, who will work with the duo says, “Tom and Dean are passionate storytellers with a talent for telling original, unconventional stories and attracting first class talent.”