2ND UPDATE, 9:40 AM PT: LABEOUF FREED AFTER NIGHT IN CUSTODY: Shia LaBeouf was released by New York police this morning after charging him in the wake of behavior last night suggesting that he was in the right place — Studio 54 — but the wrong decade. Fox News reports that the actor is due in court July 24 to answer the charges stemming from his behavior at a performance of Cabaret.

UPDATE, 3:23 AM PT: LaBeouf, 28, was charged Thursday night with one count of criminal trespassing and two counts of disorderly conduct. He remained in police custody. He was smoking and yelling during the performance, the police said.

PREVIOUS: LaBeouf’s Broadway track record continues unabated: Tweeters, bloggers and bystanders reported tonight that the actor was escorted by police from a performance of Cabaret, in the revival of a revival starring Alan Cumming, in tears, according to some reports. It’s not the first time he’s left a show before he planned to. ABC News and others report that LaBeouf was smoking and being extremely disruptive throughout the first act of the show, which is running at Studio 54. Broadway World’s website reports that he is in custody and being questioned, “with charges expected to be filed.” Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.41.49 PMTony-nominated cast member Danny Burstein posted on Facebook, Ladies and gentlemen, this is your places call for Act II. Also, to let you know, Shia LaBeouf has just been escorted from the building in handcuffs.”Another witness reported that six police officers were involved in the incident, which took place during the show’s intermission. Last season, LaBoeuf was notoriously separated from a Broadway revival of Lyle Kessler’s Orphans starring Alec Baldwin, resulting in a mildly entertaining battle of witlessness between the two.