UPDATE: 11:13 AM: ABC’s Adjusted Fast National Ratings are in. Rather than the 1.5/5 demo rating original reported this morning with those unadjusted stats, the unveiling of its ambitious singing competition Rising Star last night scored a demo rating of — 1.5/5.

Instead of the 5 million total viewers original reported, the opening episode logged — 5.1 million viewers. In both, it finished a “strong second” in its time period, to NBC’s America’s Got Talent. ABC noted Rising Star delivered ABC’s biggest summertime numbers to the time period with regular programming since August of ’11.

PREVIOUS: Before the premiere, ABC alerted the media it had special-ordered “true Fast National Ratings” from Nielsen, with time-zone adjusted calculations,  for its new insta-voting singing competition Rising Star and has asked reporters to hold off on using the preliminary Fast Affiliate numbers (“which will be inaccurate”) to make any definitive statements about the ratings. “Hold off” is not an officially recognized practice of The Reporters Who Cover Television. Therefore:

Rising Star clocked a 1.5/5 from 9-11 PM ET (the premiere aired live in East, Central and Mountain time zones),  according to those preliminary Fast Affiliate stats. That would put it down 12% from ABC’s most recent summer talent show debut, Duets (1.7/6 back on May 24, ’12), which did not air live across three time zones.  Rising Star logged 5 million viewers in these early stats.

NBC’s America’s Got Talent, which aired in head-to-head combat with Rising Star, (2.1/6),  while dropping 19% from its most recent original telecast (2.6/9), ranked as the No. 1 show of the night among broadcasters in the demo and in overall audience (8.0 million) — topping Rising Star by 40% in the demo and 59% in total viewers. Talent scored NBC’s highest 18-49 rating in the time period (excluding sports and the Golden Globe Awards ceremony) since January 6, 2013. In overall audience, AGT bagged NBC’s top slot  — same exclusions — since May 22, 2011

Leading in to Rising Star at 8 PM ET, ABC’s Wipeout (1.0/3) fell 23% from last season’s opener (1.3/4) to hit its lowest premiere rating yet. ABC’s adjusted, more reliable Rising Star stats will be available shortly, and we’ll get them to you.  That said, the Eastern and Central time zones  account for more than 75% of the country’s TV homes and should not be affected by this unveiling being live. The Mountain time zone accounts for about 6% of the country’s TV homes, so whatever under-reporting has occurred would likely be limited to about 6% of the country.

Before we’d had our first cappuccino this morning, we’d already heard ABC was disappointed by the ratings, that the show didn’t open, that NBC’s scheduling of AGT against the Rising Star landed a blow, and more where that came from. On the bright side, if you’re ABC, we’re also hearing the show did a good job holding its audience throughout night — suggesting those who showed up liked what they saw —  was a Twitter Top Trender (as ABC has noted), clocked 1mm app downloads, was the No. 1 free app at the Apple store,  and, if word of mouth is good, the network’s got a player in this hit international franchise.

Ahead of Nielsen TV ratings for the launch of its singing competition Rising Star, ABC this morning sent out some social highlights from Twitter:

The premiere of Rising Star was the No. 1 most social broadcast series last night with 129,071 tweets, which outperformed the America’s Got Talent season premiere by 116% (59,734 tweets on 5/27) and So You Think You Can Dance season premiere by 30% (98,888 tweets, on 5/28).  Rising Star premiere outperformed a new episode of America’s Got Talent last night by 290% (with 33,106 tweets).

In advance of last night’s premiere, ABC also asked that, going forward, reporters “please keep in mind that Rising Star is an ambitious and technologically unprecedented program to get up on the air, requesting they take that into consideration when writing about the stats and gauging its success.