Twitter-Logo__130513233830-150x150When Nielsen recently wrapped the TV season, it released a set of graphics breaking out the biggest of the big in its new Twitter TV Ratings, in which reality fared well. Among the biggest on the social-media site: the series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad,  AMC’s zombie drama  The Walking Dead, the NFL and college football championships, the Oscars etc. Among the season’s Twitter records, however, is winner of Most Tweets and Tweets-Per-Minute: NBC’s The Voice. Viewers sent 1.92 million tweets on May 13, including a record 310,000 at 8:59 PM EST. 1.5 million tweets mentioned #VoiceSave. Here’s the season overview, which includes strong showings overall from ABC’s The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars:

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 TV Season Big Moments on Twitter_Highlights_5_29_14


Among the season’s Top 10 series on Twitter: ABC’s The Bachelor, NBC’s oice, and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars — not coincidentally, all three reality competition series. In its charts, Nielsen measured only the audience of unduplicated Twitter users who see a post by another Twitter user about a show during its initial broadcast and for the three hours before and after that broadcast. There’s no accounting here for the audience that watches and tweets about a show even half a day later on a DVR or Hulu or VOD or some other method. Nielsen does it this way because advertisers know their commercials are less likely to be skipped in live broadcasts, and conversation about a brand tends to get more lift when it’s associated with a show. Programs that benefit most from Nielsen’s approach to measurement are reality competition, sporting events, and awards shows. Nielsen broke out the season’s Top 10’s into Specials, Sports and Series, so you can see what rules in the world of event TV and at least the Twitter side of the burgeoning social media universe. Here is the overall Top 10:

TV Season Big Moments on Twitter_Series_5_29_14