LiveWellVeria Living is a fellow health and wellness media company like Live Well Network, the ABC Owned Television Stations’ digital platform that ABC said yesterday it would shutter in January after five years. The move made an impression on Veria CEO Eric Sherman, who teed off on the business. “Beyond any implications about local broadcasting or the future of a multicasting distribution model, what’s most noteworthy is the impact on viewers,” he said in a statement released last night. “There surely is no shortage of options for those interested in adult-themed and salacious programming, yet once again the media world is turning its back on those who desire positive, wellness content.” According to Broadcasting & Cable. ABC did not say how many Live Well jobs might be affected; Live Well’s original programming was produced both by ABC stations and outside stations. “Despite Live Well’s tremendous accomplishments in distribution and original programming, we made a strategic decision that our priority must be local content, and we want to maximize our investment in our core local news brands in the digital space,” ABC Owned Stations president Rebecca Campbell and Live Well VP Peggy Allen said in their statement yesterday. B&C reported that some of the network’s programming might be in line for the new FYI channel (formerly Bio) set to launch next month. Stay tuned.